September 26, 2008

The last however long it was..

Since I last posted, I've played Crysis, Oblivion, Mass Effect, and of course, Spore.

I've probably played other things, but hey. Let's give a summary..

Mass Effect - space RPG. Fantastic story, beautiful graphics and immersion, but sadly as much replayability as a blank CD. The first play through is brilliant, don't get me wrong, but fuck all changes next time through. Shame really. I enjoyed it but still feel ripped off considering replayability was "a strong point".

Crysis - Now that is one cool game. Played it through on all the difficulties, played it online, got reasonable at it. Graphically the game is superb, it has some issues sure, but it kept me busy a hell of a long time and all of it was fun. Can't ask more.

Oblivion's simply A Great Game. It's moddable, it's immersive, it all works wonderfully and to be quite honest it has lots of replayability, even without modding it.

Spore - what can I say, one of the most original, entertaining and novel game I've played. Well worth the outlay. It and Mass Effect have the same DRM unfortunately. However if you're creative there's an abolute wealth of things to make, and variations beyond imagining. If you like exploring, the space stage is the most fun of all. I can't fault the game, just the publisher.
In order, the pictures are :
A small part of my galaxy.
This is all of my galaxy, with some colonised planets marked in white.
"What on Earth is that" - a creature with 4 eyes and 2 legs with 7 knees each.
Spildorf, one of my favourite creatures.
And lastly one of my favourites the "Fyvarst Munki"