January 25, 2009

Boring update ..

Well I guess there's not a lot to add at the moment. I've played a demo of Stardock's "Sins of a Solar Empire" which is a very indepth RTS game. As a most simple description, I would say it's a bit of Command & Conquer with a lot of Civilisation. I found it a little slow to be honest, but it was the demo, so for all I know it could be simplified though I doubt it.

In addition to this, I have been playing Far Cry 2. It's a very neat first person shooter / adventure. It's probably best described as role playing without the stats. There's no 'leveling', instead the only real advances you get are weaponry related. I must admit in some extents it's a little samey - drive here, kill someone, drive there, kill someone - but that doesn't do it justice. The story itself evolves differently for each player from what I've been able to gather. Insofar as the combat goes, that's well done, and so is the enemy AI though they do have brain farts and just stand there occasionally - then again some people probably would too..

However the award for the moment goes to Fallout 3. I've read in a few comments, that Bethesda are supposed to have fucked it up - if that's the case, Fallout 1 and 2 were fucking great games - number 3 is a great post-nuclear holocaust romp. There's a good deal of depth in Fallout 3 though - almost everything you do affects something else later on. The atmosphere is great, with a strong feel of desolation to the entire world including all the characters. Speech and character interaction are good though as with all RPGs there's a sameyness in that person A always says the same things but it'd get pretty hard otherwise!

September 26, 2008

The last however long it was..

Since I last posted, I've played Crysis, Oblivion, Mass Effect, and of course, Spore.

I've probably played other things, but hey. Let's give a summary..

Mass Effect - space RPG. Fantastic story, beautiful graphics and immersion, but sadly as much replayability as a blank CD. The first play through is brilliant, don't get me wrong, but fuck all changes next time through. Shame really. I enjoyed it but still feel ripped off considering replayability was "a strong point".

Crysis - Now that is one cool game. Played it through on all the difficulties, played it online, got reasonable at it. Graphically the game is superb, it has some issues sure, but it kept me busy a hell of a long time and all of it was fun. Can't ask more.

Oblivion's simply A Great Game. It's moddable, it's immersive, it all works wonderfully and to be quite honest it has lots of replayability, even without modding it.

Spore - what can I say, one of the most original, entertaining and novel game I've played. Well worth the outlay. It and Mass Effect have the same DRM unfortunately. However if you're creative there's an abolute wealth of things to make, and variations beyond imagining. If you like exploring, the space stage is the most fun of all. I can't fault the game, just the publisher.
In order, the pictures are :
A small part of my galaxy.
This is all of my galaxy, with some colonised planets marked in white.
"What on Earth is that" - a creature with 4 eyes and 2 legs with 7 knees each.
Spildorf, one of my favourite creatures.
And lastly one of my favourites the "Fyvarst Munki"

February 08, 2007

What you upto now ?

Well I guess you can tell I'm busy 'coz it's ages since I've posted.
To be honest I've not played X3 even though it's still my main game - I just model and test stuff rather than play a game of it. The longest it usually runs for is 5 minutes but I may start it 30 or more times in an hour too..

In addition to that I have another kiddie who's as cute as her other 3 siblings gotta be happy with that !

I'm doing a different job - same place different boss and work I guess is the easiest way to describe it.

As for other games I have found need for speed to be good as always, and am quite impressed with star wars - empire at war - tho with the above stuff and X3 there's little time for them.
Anyway have fun.

More eventually.

August 17, 2006

I should write some more

Anyway .. a heap's been happening in space land. The universe has become much more vast and contains much more life. It's a joy to be around I tell ya. That's not what I am writing about tho, so let's get to it.

I had the most bizarre thought the other day. Know how there's all those galaxies out there that we can see and all those alternate universes people reckon exist, one for every decision or difference made. What if they're the same thing ?

Imagine that we can only see the galaxies that are reasonably similar to ours, say for example where life evolved on Earth to the point where humans exist. All the other galaxies are the famed 'dark matter'. The reason it's in halos around the galaxies is pretty simple - it's similar but there's not much life there so the matter's not visible to us but we can 'feel' it.

So in other words it's all there, but because it's not something we could see (if it existed we would not) .

Maybe I'd had too much to smoke .. dunno. Makes a weird kind of sense though.

July 30, 2006

Public !

XFP has finally gone public..


June 13, 2006

S'bin frickenages.. 'choobindoon .. man ?

Yeah, all right .. I'm sure my massive audience has been going home every day and kicking their dog 'coz I ain't posted in a while. Well, maybe not. So what the hell have I been doing ?

Funnily enough, lots. Firstly in a most exciting sequence of events I've wound up doing some pretty big work jobs over weekends involving replacing all the PCs on a site where I work (2 days 10ish people 2 floors and 300 computers .. fun ..) so that's taken 3 out of the last 5 weekends. As a side effect of this of course there's well money for working my arse off (what little of it there is). eww fuck hang on a sec some real tripe's just come on the headset .. OK now that's more like it, an extended mix of Bomfunk MC's 'Freestyler'.. then maybe some black eyed peas (My humps .. my humps .. yes tell me more about them, please!).

So anyway my poor PC's been invaded and had some of its guts ripped out, new guts added, more flashy stuff (I finally got a motor that should run a disco ball .. whoohoo !) so the upshot is I've now got 2Gb of quick DDR RAM. The aging NVidia 6600GT/128 has been ditched for a (eww) ATI x1600Pro/256. I just prefer NVidia. Nicer logo, smoother gear not that I know any more than anyone else does these days. In real terms I've doubled my RAM (video and system) and beefed the video power up by about 1/3. Not bad for under 300AU.

In addition to this I was so friggin' sick last monday it wasn't funny. Fine on Sun and gradually improving from Tues, but if I wasn't spewing I was sleeping. Except for the 15 minutes it took me to hang 3 towels on the line (requiring a half hour nap on the path) that was all I did. Best flex I've had in AGES.. it had everything .. vomit, poo splatters. sleep. Marvellous virus.

So what else have I been doing ? ? Well I've hooked up with a bunch of X3 freaks, all of whom have a bunch of different skills, and I've been doing some design but a lot of testing and learning ..

Suffice to say that after adding 70+ ships, many stations, and extra depth and flexibility to the game where we think it's needed (and incorporating very many popular additions (mods)) we're getting a little closer to releasing it each day. So anyway I found at starting my testing session, I was a version out so I'm now downloading just under 50 meg so I can test it .. which is why I'm actually -at- the computer -and- have time to post.

More when I get chance, Firefox tells me it's finished. Go the 'fox !

April 22, 2006

Things have been slow

I've been doing all sorts of odd things lately, like playing Star Wars : Empire At War, V8 Supercars 3 ( I miss that one, it's way cool but I only borrowed it) as well as the old favourite Guild Wars. Guild Wars has an add on coming out in a week and I can hardly wait. X3's a lot of fun don't get me wrong but as I am sure anyone can understand, a bit of variety isn't a bad thing at all.

Anyway suffice to say the X3 empire's still growing, Paranid are still becoming dead, and all in all the universe is a hell of an interesting place to be. I'm not really 'doing' anything just flying around and taking on whatever I see .. but combat practice is never a bad thing ! :)

Here's a pic of the UFO in case I've never posted one before..