July 24, 2005

The week in review ..

Yeah I know it's a week since I last posted so if anyone's mad enough to be reading this drivel, you're probably wondering where the next instament is .. well you're reading it (duh :) ).

This week .. Guild Wars. Guild Wars. Guild Wars. I finally got my elementalist / ranger through the Villainy of Galrath. That's one tough mission .. undead, poisonous swamps, roaming patrols .. you name it. Managed to get thru it with not one death in the party which was pretty impressive. The picture attached is my Necromancer and a mesmer kicking the posteriors of some earth elementals. I've trimmed it so there's not so much guff around it. The rain of fire is ours, and the sparkly circles on the ground are from the elementals. It makes you blind if you attack whilst in it, which gives you a 50% miss rate on attacks (not spells).

My Necromancer/Mesmer has gotten to some new areas as well and collected some new skills. Nothing as cool as making corpses explode or raising the dead but handy ones nonetheless .. things like poisoning, and one I really dig called 'mark of subversion' - you cast it on someone and whenever they cast a spell to heal an ally, it fails, hurts them and heals you. Wicked! He did all his armour in silver, so he looks the part now, he's all dark and drab.

I must admit the lag problem has been really bad in some areas (eg the undead ones) and not even noticable in other areas (ones I've already done but run through with guildmates to help them out).

Do I love my Guild Wars ? Err .. yes - can't you tell ? :)

July 17, 2005

Thank goodness !

It was so good to have the kids up for a week it was not funny. It was hard work, I am certainly not used to keeping 3 people amused plus myself but I think we managed pretty good to be honest. My only gripe could be that they would not settle early on a night but then again they have their own rooms at home so sharing a bed was always likely to cause some conflict.

So what'd we do ? Well played all sorts of crazy things with Phoebe and drew things and watched countless cute DVDs .. but such is the life of a 9 year old girl :) Brandon was happy-as .. there was 2 computers and a playstation whch he got to take home (I have no idea when I last used it..) plus the PCs had all sorts of car games .. mainly NFSU2, V8 Supercars2 and Revolt .. he's bad as me, happiest with a screen in front of him :)

Besides that I've done the usual and played Guild Wars. It's getting really hard, even with a party of 8 my elementalist get outside and we get utterly creamed by the first bunch of undead you meet. My necro is a few missions behind and starting to find it hard now without the outright damage aspect. That said once a few foes fall he comes into his own, since there's some corpses around. Played a little PvP as a monk/elementalist .. that's quite cool tho to be honest the 2nd skill could be anything, all the skills on the bar are monk ones.

Be well, world :)

July 13, 2005

Another week !

So what has happened this week ? Not a lot .. went and got my other 2 kids on Sunday from the EFB at Raymond Terrace and they're up here for the week now, or at least until Saturday.
So far we've been and seen Madagascar which was pretty cool (loved the penguins and the lemurs :) ), I've given up my PS1 to Brandon (11) as his died, and fixed his 'puter. The other one's being a Phoebe (9) which basically involves being mildly crazy, and obsessed with horses. Even so, all's cool there.

Ashleigh's gotten used to the idea of having them both here but sadly I think she'll miss them when they go back - she's already asking to play with them in the room or wherever :)

Anyway more later I am sure.

Besides that, been doing the usual - GW GW and GW.

July 06, 2005

What the hell happened?

Went to EBGames about 23/6. Installed some software and went online.

Getting on for 2 weeks later I realise you can use a PC and broadband connection for something OTHER than Guild Wars, that I ain't updated my blog or anything.

Christ it's a cool game. Take all the good bits from things like NeverWinter Nights (a personal fave) Diablo 1,2 and the various expansion packs (another fave). Chuck in something from a game like Sacrifice (this had the potential to be good .. shame someone fnutched it), wrap it all in a huge imaginary world. Give players co-op missions, solo missions and team combat as well as guilds tons of spells and even more weapons and upgrades. Then improve on it about threefold. That could be close. To paraphrase a movie .. If you build it they will come. I think I want to move in there to be honest.

I play 2 characters, Yeebok Shuin who is a necromancer/mesmer combo, and also Cerulean Phoenix who is an elementalist/ranger with a pet wolf she named Fluffy. Not that far through 'coz it's only been 2 weeks. That said, I hope I never finish it.

It's probably very similar to world of warcraft. But there's no online or ongoing fees, and it can apparently be played on a dialup modem. Besides which, after not being so keen on warcraft / starcraft it doesn't grab me. For some reason I've always preferred Command & Conquer. If a similarly souped up version of C&C came out I'd be likely to buy that one, too :)

Do you play Guild Wars ? If not, why not ? There really is no excuse. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.