October 25, 2005

This week

Not really a very exciting week. I have tomorrow off so I'm gonna be Mr Dag Around The House Boy. Things could be much worse.

We had a lovely storm this evening - went for ages, lots of rain, lightning and thunder. Very cool.

An impressive fart today in the gents. Sadly I was not seated as such so there was no opportunity for the echo effect. It would have been quite pronounced had I been - this was short sharp and loud, but hey. It was still a good one, even without .. shite music on a great stereo still sounds shite but good music sounds good even on a transistor radio.

Besides that ? Nothing really to report.

Otherwise I'd have reported it .. funny that.

Oh, I got myself a Logitech 350 USB Headset. All I can say is after having it a good few weeks, it's still excellent.

October 18, 2005

Not quite so sore

Well today my agony seems to have been downgraded to a class 2 and become manageable (2 e's or one ?) enough to be able to gather itself up under my left shoulderblade. Ah the joys. Still, I can stand and sit without an odd sounding grunt or groan so I am at least on the improve ;)

Otherwise today's been pretty good. Crap start to the day but it improved as the morning went on until it was nice and clear (but windy) at lunch.. and now I'm sat here waiting for my SO to get home so I can whack the barbie on. Life's good, eh ? :) Early enough in the year that there's no mossies and late enough to be warm still. mmmm .. warm.

Otherwise today I definitely did my quota of flatulence. Sadly nothing spectacular - actually i take that back. As you do with an almost 2yo you show them toilets and what they're for. It feels kinda odd but it's either that or a lifetime of nappies .. Hmm. :) Anyway I'm demonstrating the second option to little miss 21 months, when this quiet but long squeaker started squeezing itself out. Me, being as immature as I am, had a chuckle. Anyway .. little missy found this most amusing and almost fell over laughing. At least I know she's not scared of the toilet I guess.. she's not supposed to know better .. not sure what MY excuse is. Then again I don't need an excuse, I'm the Daddy. :)

October 17, 2005

Today just sucks

I've hurt my back. No idea how, but it's damned sore. All under my left shoulderblade, along my spine to my neck, and in some weird spot where I just know it don't feel right but I can't describe it, and even if I could reach the bugger I could not show you 'coz you can't see me. Oh well. Anyway that bit's just here .. ouch ... here. See ?

So of course I have had the fun of going to the McPhysio. I shouldn't Mc him, he's a top bloke to be honest, and is always very helpful with lots of advice, you know the kind of Doctor / professional you're happy to go back to. IMPRESSIVELY .. his fees are still the same as they were when I first went there 5 years ago .. got to be happy with that. To top matters off it's his birthday today so he had people dropping in giving him cards cake and well wishes. Gotta love that!

I won't say I feel 100% right (improved, but still quite uncomfy) but I am definitely better than I was last night .. could not even lie flat on my back without a big ouch every time I relaxed .. even with a couple of Nurofen Plus under my belt. Nor my right side, on my stomach or my left .. so needless to say I had a shit night's sleep, and I bet my poor partner did too.

Anyway by the time I managed to ouch my way out of bed this morning the alarm clock had given up on me, I am sure of it. I could still hear it muttering at me under its breath when I got out of the shower. Then I realised I'd switched it to ON not AUTO when I switched the alarm off in the morning haze, so the radio was on at 1% volume or something stupid.

I then went to work and sat in my chair and went ouch a lot. Did work of course but was extremely sore :( Then at 3pm I went to the physio and got fixed up a tad.

If anyone else has shite posture, get a thing called a 'nada chair' or similar. It is basically an adjustable cloth figure eight that has its crossover at the small of your back, and each loop goes over a knee. This essentially forces you to curve your back less injuriously, and also seems to provide a good deal of support. As a matter of fact they're so cool they're getting the ultimate reference from me .. "If there was such a thing as a female one I'd sleep with it." And no, the fact that I took mine home from work today is NOT an indication I found that one was female.

Later tonight it's GW time .. mmmmm ... Guild Wars .. glaaarrrgh .. as Homer would say.

October 06, 2005

First up, sorry

I've turned on verification for comments. This means you need to fill in one of those 6 random letter things like when you make an email addy. That way I hope there are less dickheads commenting.

Anyway ! Today was a pertty non event day on the flatulence front. Don't get me wrong there was a good deal of action and the fart cushion (my chair at work) was suitably topped up before I left for the day. There was one moment when I picked something biggish up and I had a small escapee but thankfully nobody noticed. I guess it's not as if I am unknown for it so hmm ..

Now here's a rant.
What shits me :
All these bastards who go online with bots and post comments with farking links in to stupid sites. Dickheads the lot of you. People like you are akin to those people who write frigging viruses and spyware. PISS OFF, will you ? What've I done to deserve your shit ? Post your home phone number next time and I'll pass it on to some telemarketers. Yeebok hath spake. Thou shouldst get fookedeth.

I suppose I gotta test it one day - can you properly swear ? :)

Next time maybe.

Actually no.
Something else that fucking shits me. APOSTROPHES.

What's so fucking hard !?
Mot important - it does NOT go on plurals.
You use it to assign ownership.
You can refer to the bed your cat sleeps in as "the cat's bed" "the book's cover".
Debate exists as to whether you add an S on words that end with it. Personally it looks stupid and it's not the way I was taught but do I give a shit ? Oh, yeah I do, that's why I'm writing. Just say my name was Fritz Gross. You could say "That's Fritz Gross' house" (if I had one :) ) or "Fritz Gross's house" - I reckon the former.
And the only fucking way DVD CD or PC have an apostrophe is if they own something. More than one does not need one. You don't have "2 car's" so why the fuck would you have "six DVD's" ? It's bloody DvDs, get it thru your head !!!!

The ONLY OTHER TIME : Contractions (adding 2 words together and taking some letters out)

CAN NOT - can't
WILL NOT - won't

So get it right or I'll fucking fart on you.

October 04, 2005

Well .. I've seen the light !

I'm back after an absence. PS thanks to the dick who for some reason thought this particular blog indicated I wanted an online dating service. Dork.

Today .. a change in direction for the blog. No longer will it be rantings of an Achaean. Well actually it will 'coz Yeebok will always be Achaean but that's not what I mean so ner. S'gunna be 'bout anyfink man. And today well .. let's tell the story I guess.

First up not that you need to know but it's kinda relevant .. I sleep starkers. Yes birthday suit, nude whatever. Now that you're over that (hopefully brief) visual basically I got up this morning to make a cuppa - I wandered out filled the kettle and whacked it on. I then realised that the curtains were open. In the 'I just woke up fuggof' haze I have before I get some coffee I figured I'd just sit on the floor.

Anyway (now this is also relevant but you don't need to know but I'm telling you anyway so shut up already right) the floor in the kitchen is linoleum (or lino for you luddites). After a moment I felt the familiar "hey the systems up let's open the exhausts' rumbling so I relaxed a bit as you do. Apart from being reasonably cold this and I guess any other morning lino, among its other useful but relatively benign hidden functions when pressed close to some butt cheeks, someone's date and a few short sharp blasts of wind, has some amazing accoustic qualities. BRAP! BRRRAPP! At this moment in time I had an epiphany if you could call it that (and no you luddites that does not mean I pissed myself) and decided that this blog and quite possibly many other equally shite blogs should be dedicated to the wonderful worlds of highly fermented cabbage, beans and eggs, various similar noises and quite imaginatively odours.

But at 6:30am when you've just dropped your guts in the kitchen which sounded like a shotgun at close range and you are actually in danger of pissing yourself because you're laughing so hard, I found yet another use for lino - it brings out the little inquisitive boy that I believe exists in all of us. So you guessed it, I let rip with the remainder of the less intrusive side of my stomach's night of work, testing various seating positions and pressures. Obviously there's more variety of inputs (and resulting outputs) than I can possibly hope to cover on my own. That's where you, my faithful blog buddies, come in.

What's your best fart or gross in a similarly childish fashion story ?