January 25, 2009

Boring update ..

Well I guess there's not a lot to add at the moment. I've played a demo of Stardock's "Sins of a Solar Empire" which is a very indepth RTS game. As a most simple description, I would say it's a bit of Command & Conquer with a lot of Civilisation. I found it a little slow to be honest, but it was the demo, so for all I know it could be simplified though I doubt it.

In addition to this, I have been playing Far Cry 2. It's a very neat first person shooter / adventure. It's probably best described as role playing without the stats. There's no 'leveling', instead the only real advances you get are weaponry related. I must admit in some extents it's a little samey - drive here, kill someone, drive there, kill someone - but that doesn't do it justice. The story itself evolves differently for each player from what I've been able to gather. Insofar as the combat goes, that's well done, and so is the enemy AI though they do have brain farts and just stand there occasionally - then again some people probably would too..

However the award for the moment goes to Fallout 3. I've read in a few comments, that Bethesda are supposed to have fucked it up - if that's the case, Fallout 1 and 2 were fucking great games - number 3 is a great post-nuclear holocaust romp. There's a good deal of depth in Fallout 3 though - almost everything you do affects something else later on. The atmosphere is great, with a strong feel of desolation to the entire world including all the characters. Speech and character interaction are good though as with all RPGs there's a sameyness in that person A always says the same things but it'd get pretty hard otherwise!