June 23, 2005

Thursday .. fun in the cold !

Over the last week it's gotten relatively cold here .. like 5 or so c overnight. I've slept in clothes for the first time I can recall since I moved outta home 15 years ago ! Scary. Not game to get the telescope out though, because it's way too not warm.

Poppet's being cute walking around telling me about doot (her dummy) while I'm typing this. She's 18 months now, and extremely inquisitive, has to know about everything. She's always being cute .. mainly because she just is cute. Hard to be not cute when you are .. just like being an idiot I suppose but a good effect instead :)

Besides that have not played anything much the last day or so .. had another bash at guild wars but died about 5 times no matter how I tried it .. so I'll wait and take some mates with me and do the Charr in that way instead ! Definitely easier with a headset than having to type things in.. you can at least keep up with the action.

Finally got Sims2 yesterday .. came with a pizza deal .. 2 pizzas drink dippers and game for 35 .. can't pass that up since it's still 90 in the shop. Game at 1/3 price and a feed .. gotta love it.

Between that and the other things I get into I hate to think how much HD space is chewed up by games on this thing .. :)

June 19, 2005

Weekend of fun !

Let's see .. Mum's away. bub was at Nanna's the PC was all fired up ready to go .. and amazingly I get a visitor. 3 or so hours later .. prime time's finished and I'm ready for bed .. but hey.

Watched 'team america' over the weekend .. not sure I liked it but boy did I laugh .. the puppet sex scene was a bit much tho !

Beyond that ? Guild Wars Guild Wars Guild Wars. Mix Neverwinter, Diablo and Sacrifice in with a bunch of other stuff and you have Guild Wars. Basically it's an RPG on steroids .. probably very like WoW but no ongoing fees which is always a bonus. Good ? Yes. Still getting to grips with it but it looks great. Having been a Diablo / Neverwinter fan for some time, this is the bee's knees. Add the team aspect and aVentrilo server and the fun's just begun really. I can see my downloads going out the window with this one though.

Just completed the newbie area and ventured into the 'real world' - quite a difference 'coz anything you see attacks on sight not quite like it does in newbie land where it'll walk into you and not give you a second glance. Anyway I like it.

Don't think it'll replace Achaea though.

June 18, 2005

The weekend

What've I done this weekend so far ? Not a lot really .. played Guild Wars for a lor of the time - otherwise I was chatting with Choldar or Frogg via trillian.

Away from the PC, mummy is off for the weekend and poppet is at her auntie's tonight. Sadly I'm way too tired to party like I should :)

Today tho Poppett and I went shopping and we got a dozen donuts (which she and I ate 4 of) and 4 Bananas, all to take tonight, so she'll be having a cool time I am sure.

Got a program called Desktop Sidebar off a cover disk. It has all sorts of things on it but one panel in particular is very cool.. I've got it linked to the ABC and ABC Science lists + CNN .. very cool having news at your fingertips .. just took me a while to find the right options to change having not used RSS before :)

June 16, 2005

More fun with 'puters

So here's today .. basically I sorted the report dilemma from yesterday .. but I'm not happy with it. Had a decent day all up though.

Missed the moon and Jupiter occultation or whatever you want to call it it had reappeared a short while before I got home from work. Oh well these things happen.

Played 'put a blanket over your head and pretend to be startled when I pull it off' with poppet. That was cool fun.

Spent an hour or so being Achaean today .. helped a couole of Shallamese with some things then went and fished. Caught 4 and made some fold so I was happy.

Better go put the bins out and go to bed !

June 15, 2005

It's wednesday

So today ?

I wrote a script to convert a database with from/to dates into a calendar view in a spreadsheet. Think I did a good job .. lists things in 4 categories, shows the dates, highlights public holidays and formats it all .. even with selectable start / end dates from existing data. Ah .. them I tried to get a list of staff to use with name number and id .. but no such animal .. BAH !

Other than that visited Achaea, helped a novice out for an hour (day) chatted with some friends and that was it so not really that long a visit. Also got a nice new shield. Jeez.. :)

Bub's sick but Mummy's taking admirable care of her as always. Dunno what else to ramble on about really.

June 14, 2005


Well today just sucked really .. that's about the only way I can describe it. Weather was dreadful, slept in, and it more or less went downhill from there. Tomorrow looks to be more of the same but hey it's normally nice here so I can deal with it.

Little Poppet's got a sick sore throat and is quite the grumper today but you get that too. We know she doesn't hate us or anything and besides which, she's too cute to hassle her too much

Beyond that did the obvious .. logged on killed some toads and hellhounds and a few other nice 'beat the hell outta you' things with Choldar but life as an Achaean's pretty tough .. after that I had a wash in the lake, and had a nice snooze in the library.

Now though, it's bed time.

June 13, 2005

Day two !

Well let's see .. I got up this morning .. was horribly misty and cold looking but not freezing. Certainly looked colder than it was. Shite happens.

Besides that the new phone's happily charged, one of the Uniden WDECT 2355 things. Quite cool by the look of it, but as always proof's in the pudding I guess but since nobody's rung .. well .. :)

Last night was some fun on Achaea .. raided the undead with Choldar & Velvan 'til I ran outta devotion and had to sleep.. then played some more games then went to bed (that as around 1am .. got up at 7.30, fun!)

Will add more as I go I guess.

June 12, 2005

Let's get started

Dunno what to say besides I am here, and I have started. Beyond that I dunno.

Today was my partner's 32nd birthday (I'm 34). Other than that little of excitement besides that Ashleigh (18 months) slept and it was a good 3 hours.

My favourite pasttime lately is logging on to Achaea as Yeebok and being priestly. It's what I do. :)

Avoiding Big Brother 2005 :)