June 13, 2006

S'bin frickenages.. 'choobindoon .. man ?

Yeah, all right .. I'm sure my massive audience has been going home every day and kicking their dog 'coz I ain't posted in a while. Well, maybe not. So what the hell have I been doing ?

Funnily enough, lots. Firstly in a most exciting sequence of events I've wound up doing some pretty big work jobs over weekends involving replacing all the PCs on a site where I work (2 days 10ish people 2 floors and 300 computers .. fun ..) so that's taken 3 out of the last 5 weekends. As a side effect of this of course there's well money for working my arse off (what little of it there is). eww fuck hang on a sec some real tripe's just come on the headset .. OK now that's more like it, an extended mix of Bomfunk MC's 'Freestyler'.. then maybe some black eyed peas (My humps .. my humps .. yes tell me more about them, please!).

So anyway my poor PC's been invaded and had some of its guts ripped out, new guts added, more flashy stuff (I finally got a motor that should run a disco ball .. whoohoo !) so the upshot is I've now got 2Gb of quick DDR RAM. The aging NVidia 6600GT/128 has been ditched for a (eww) ATI x1600Pro/256. I just prefer NVidia. Nicer logo, smoother gear not that I know any more than anyone else does these days. In real terms I've doubled my RAM (video and system) and beefed the video power up by about 1/3. Not bad for under 300AU.

In addition to this I was so friggin' sick last monday it wasn't funny. Fine on Sun and gradually improving from Tues, but if I wasn't spewing I was sleeping. Except for the 15 minutes it took me to hang 3 towels on the line (requiring a half hour nap on the path) that was all I did. Best flex I've had in AGES.. it had everything .. vomit, poo splatters. sleep. Marvellous virus.

So what else have I been doing ? ? Well I've hooked up with a bunch of X3 freaks, all of whom have a bunch of different skills, and I've been doing some design but a lot of testing and learning ..

Suffice to say that after adding 70+ ships, many stations, and extra depth and flexibility to the game where we think it's needed (and incorporating very many popular additions (mods)) we're getting a little closer to releasing it each day. So anyway I found at starting my testing session, I was a version out so I'm now downloading just under 50 meg so I can test it .. which is why I'm actually -at- the computer -and- have time to post.

More when I get chance, Firefox tells me it's finished. Go the 'fox !

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