February 03, 2006

Chapter 7 .. Shit ! More bad guys

Well off we went into the next sector, owned by pirates just as the last one was. In this sector however there were around 100 Xenon ships at any one time. The Xenon are Not Nice as opposed to the Khaak who're just Plain Nasty. Anyway 100 of them was a bit of a shock to the system. You can see a few of them on the small map in the lower right of the screenshot .. yes each little red triangle's a bad guy. The lines above/below them show their vertical position if that makes sense .. if not tough :) Since it's a pirate sector there are also pirates which is why I have a Falcon in the targeting monitor topleft.

After having a bit of a peek around I realised they were streaming from a sector they own which was to the south into a sector to the west, but destroying anything stupid enough to get in its way. I got in the way a few times myself :) Once I'd seen 'The End' a few times I managed to keep away from the main bunches and just lure away small groups of 4 or so which are not so hard to handle. You have to be quick as otherwise the remaining ships notice and come swarm you.. and well you get the idea I am sure :)

They're funky looking buggers though .. this is an M3 here .. left to right Plain, Incoming, Ouch.

After many losses though, I noticed an absolute shitload of goodies being dropped by all the destroyed ships - and after a while the bad guys usually moved away to chase something else. Sadly though most of it was in quantities my pissy little fighters can't handle.. the 2 ships I found I've realised are both passenger class vessels and don't have as much cargo space as the monster I bought.. but the monster's slow and a long way away. I set it off to the Goner Temple to grab a jumpdrive, so it can pretty much teleport right to where I am, but it's still going to take it a day of game time.

Things are getting tight, most of my ships have some damage to repair, the nearest shipyard's a trip you'd at least take a change of undies for, and I'm scared to leave the sector in case some other thieving bastard takes my cargo.. so I keep filling my ships with stuff and sending one off to unload what it can but sadly I'm running out of space .. and unless profits start coming in soon, repairs will send me broke yet again.. but luckily I managed to capture myself a relatively intact Xenon M4 so selling that might be worth it.

Ah the temptation, quick risky dangerous profits .. mm .. profits.

OK so I'm a capitalist pig.. meh.

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