February 01, 2006

Chapter 6 .. Fun in space

I took a squiz at the map I have and remembering the one from X2, I knew I'd missed an area that could prove interesting .. so purely to have the sectors on the map I plotted a course through the area. Once they're on your map and known to you you can jump to them from anywhere providing your ship has the right drive and enough energy. On the way through the territory which belongs to the 'Split' race who're apparently serpent-like, I came across a rather disturbing sight, a Khaak M2 (battleship) .. so I took a happysnap for my album and pissed off quicksmart. I was not game to get myself in close enough to show both ships .. I ain't that stupid : that thing's huge. The asteroid almost touching the base of it is a bit further away, but close enough. It' alones easily 5x the size of my biggest non-freighter ship. The story behind the Khaak is essentially that they're nasty bastards who don't want to negotiate just kill. Shame 'coz that purple trim's very cool .. I want one of their ships :)

The most horrible Khaak 'ship' from my perspective is the cluster. One looks like this and basically it's a whole slew of smaller ships, generally one M3 at the centre and the remainder of the ships being M4/5 classes - but from my experience you can find upto a dozen ships in one. This is definitely a small cluster, I have seen ones with two discs easily twice the size of this one's rear. Once attacked the cluster splits into its elements and swarms the poor bastard that pisses it off.

Needless to say I'm not game to take one on yet.. not with plain lasers. I know a weapon with an area of effect exists and once I get one of these, I might take the Khaak cluster on next time I see one. Not yet tho, that is for sure. I first have to find who sells them and convince them that I should be allowed to have some. That generally involves being nice to them, trading with them, that sort of thing. Knowing my luck it'll be a race I've annoyed by pirating their ships .. he he !

On the trading front, I managed to get some dirt cheap space fuel from the distillery I'd been stocking, enough to half fill my smaller freighter at 680 per unit; I managed to sell 166 for 1252 each so there's a tidy profit.. with more to come - the best kind! Aside from the trading and exploring I found nothing of great note, and did one set of 'take me here then here then here' missions which was cool fun but well I was filling in the map but it was pretty late. The next sector ahead was a pirate one so I docked at a friendly station and saved up.

As always click a pic to see it bigger :)

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