August 17, 2006

I should write some more

Anyway .. a heap's been happening in space land. The universe has become much more vast and contains much more life. It's a joy to be around I tell ya. That's not what I am writing about tho, so let's get to it.

I had the most bizarre thought the other day. Know how there's all those galaxies out there that we can see and all those alternate universes people reckon exist, one for every decision or difference made. What if they're the same thing ?

Imagine that we can only see the galaxies that are reasonably similar to ours, say for example where life evolved on Earth to the point where humans exist. All the other galaxies are the famed 'dark matter'. The reason it's in halos around the galaxies is pretty simple - it's similar but there's not much life there so the matter's not visible to us but we can 'feel' it.

So in other words it's all there, but because it's not something we could see (if it existed we would not) .

Maybe I'd had too much to smoke .. dunno. Makes a weird kind of sense though.

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MrBonk said...

Maybe?? ;)