February 08, 2007

What you upto now ?

Well I guess you can tell I'm busy 'coz it's ages since I've posted.
To be honest I've not played X3 even though it's still my main game - I just model and test stuff rather than play a game of it. The longest it usually runs for is 5 minutes but I may start it 30 or more times in an hour too..

In addition to that I have another kiddie who's as cute as her other 3 siblings gotta be happy with that !

I'm doing a different job - same place different boss and work I guess is the easiest way to describe it.

As for other games I have found need for speed to be good as always, and am quite impressed with star wars - empire at war - tho with the above stuff and X3 there's little time for them.
Anyway have fun.

More eventually.

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