January 31, 2006

The Empire begins ..

So here I have it .. a whopping great freighter with a massive hold (the largest ship I had has about 160t for cargo, fully upgraded .. the freighter has 5,700t before I upgrade it .. then it gets to 7,500..
So I start off trying to fill it with energy cells .. which at 12 a unit I figured I could manage a decent load .. but no the ship proved to be a bottomless pit - and all my credits half filled it with energy. So the situation being rather dire, I set out looking for somewhere really needing energy to send it there, sell and return. After a few loads of selling at 18-19 and buying for12-15 I was at least able to fill it each time I sent it.

Luckily there's 2 power plants in the sector so one usually has a decent stockpile when it gets back. so I can reload it and send it off again. Since I can't afford the software to automate the process (it ain't cheap at 501K that's for sure) while I was doing this I wasn't that occupied, so at first I had some fun escorting my new freighter and once I realised how boring that was I spent time exploring and avoiding combat with anyone.

Well ! This worked out to be quite a bonus because in a sector I was peeking around in, I found the most bizarre thing - an unowned Buster, kitted out but sat there empty. So being the true space pirate that I am I decided I'd borrow it and "left a note for the owner" but hey.

Inspired by this (and having a whole day ahead of me to do it .. gotta love flexes) I kept going.. Over the course of the day I found another freighter, a passenger ship, 75000 credits and about 100K worth of space weed. So I got 2 freighters going on the energy run. It's not that lucrative but it's easy work, every station wants energy regardless of what it makes, whereas if I was to pick something like cloth, not everywhere uses it making the job much harder.

Obviously I'm doing my best to keep the distillery full and I'm taking as much from it as cheaply as I can. So far I've made a couple of nice runs so my bank balance is 'tidy' even after kitting out all my ships. I now have 5 fighters 2 freighters and 1 passenger vessel. Things are looking up :) Gotta feel like a big man when there's 4 escorts no matter where you go .. that's what I reckon !

More fun to come .. believe me !

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