June 19, 2005

Weekend of fun !

Let's see .. Mum's away. bub was at Nanna's the PC was all fired up ready to go .. and amazingly I get a visitor. 3 or so hours later .. prime time's finished and I'm ready for bed .. but hey.

Watched 'team america' over the weekend .. not sure I liked it but boy did I laugh .. the puppet sex scene was a bit much tho !

Beyond that ? Guild Wars Guild Wars Guild Wars. Mix Neverwinter, Diablo and Sacrifice in with a bunch of other stuff and you have Guild Wars. Basically it's an RPG on steroids .. probably very like WoW but no ongoing fees which is always a bonus. Good ? Yes. Still getting to grips with it but it looks great. Having been a Diablo / Neverwinter fan for some time, this is the bee's knees. Add the team aspect and aVentrilo server and the fun's just begun really. I can see my downloads going out the window with this one though.

Just completed the newbie area and ventured into the 'real world' - quite a difference 'coz anything you see attacks on sight not quite like it does in newbie land where it'll walk into you and not give you a second glance. Anyway I like it.

Don't think it'll replace Achaea though.

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