June 16, 2005

More fun with 'puters

So here's today .. basically I sorted the report dilemma from yesterday .. but I'm not happy with it. Had a decent day all up though.

Missed the moon and Jupiter occultation or whatever you want to call it it had reappeared a short while before I got home from work. Oh well these things happen.

Played 'put a blanket over your head and pretend to be startled when I pull it off' with poppet. That was cool fun.

Spent an hour or so being Achaean today .. helped a couole of Shallamese with some things then went and fished. Caught 4 and made some fold so I was happy.

Better go put the bins out and go to bed !

1 comment:

Choldar said...

You went fishing with me and I didn't get a comment...

ok, over it now. :)