June 23, 2005

Thursday .. fun in the cold !

Over the last week it's gotten relatively cold here .. like 5 or so c overnight. I've slept in clothes for the first time I can recall since I moved outta home 15 years ago ! Scary. Not game to get the telescope out though, because it's way too not warm.

Poppet's being cute walking around telling me about doot (her dummy) while I'm typing this. She's 18 months now, and extremely inquisitive, has to know about everything. She's always being cute .. mainly because she just is cute. Hard to be not cute when you are .. just like being an idiot I suppose but a good effect instead :)

Besides that have not played anything much the last day or so .. had another bash at guild wars but died about 5 times no matter how I tried it .. so I'll wait and take some mates with me and do the Charr in that way instead ! Definitely easier with a headset than having to type things in.. you can at least keep up with the action.

Finally got Sims2 yesterday .. came with a pizza deal .. 2 pizzas drink dippers and game for 35 .. can't pass that up since it's still 90 in the shop. Game at 1/3 price and a feed .. gotta love it.

Between that and the other things I get into I hate to think how much HD space is chewed up by games on this thing .. :)

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