June 18, 2005

The weekend

What've I done this weekend so far ? Not a lot really .. played Guild Wars for a lor of the time - otherwise I was chatting with Choldar or Frogg via trillian.

Away from the PC, mummy is off for the weekend and poppet is at her auntie's tonight. Sadly I'm way too tired to party like I should :)

Today tho Poppett and I went shopping and we got a dozen donuts (which she and I ate 4 of) and 4 Bananas, all to take tonight, so she'll be having a cool time I am sure.

Got a program called Desktop Sidebar off a cover disk. It has all sorts of things on it but one panel in particular is very cool.. I've got it linked to the ABC and ABC Science lists + CNN .. very cool having news at your fingertips .. just took me a while to find the right options to change having not used RSS before :)

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