July 24, 2005

The week in review ..

Yeah I know it's a week since I last posted so if anyone's mad enough to be reading this drivel, you're probably wondering where the next instament is .. well you're reading it (duh :) ).

This week .. Guild Wars. Guild Wars. Guild Wars. I finally got my elementalist / ranger through the Villainy of Galrath. That's one tough mission .. undead, poisonous swamps, roaming patrols .. you name it. Managed to get thru it with not one death in the party which was pretty impressive. The picture attached is my Necromancer and a mesmer kicking the posteriors of some earth elementals. I've trimmed it so there's not so much guff around it. The rain of fire is ours, and the sparkly circles on the ground are from the elementals. It makes you blind if you attack whilst in it, which gives you a 50% miss rate on attacks (not spells).

My Necromancer/Mesmer has gotten to some new areas as well and collected some new skills. Nothing as cool as making corpses explode or raising the dead but handy ones nonetheless .. things like poisoning, and one I really dig called 'mark of subversion' - you cast it on someone and whenever they cast a spell to heal an ally, it fails, hurts them and heals you. Wicked! He did all his armour in silver, so he looks the part now, he's all dark and drab.

I must admit the lag problem has been really bad in some areas (eg the undead ones) and not even noticable in other areas (ones I've already done but run through with guildmates to help them out).

Do I love my Guild Wars ? Err .. yes - can't you tell ? :)

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