July 06, 2005

What the hell happened?

Went to EBGames about 23/6. Installed some software and went online.

Getting on for 2 weeks later I realise you can use a PC and broadband connection for something OTHER than Guild Wars, that I ain't updated my blog or anything.

Christ it's a cool game. Take all the good bits from things like NeverWinter Nights (a personal fave) Diablo 1,2 and the various expansion packs (another fave). Chuck in something from a game like Sacrifice (this had the potential to be good .. shame someone fnutched it), wrap it all in a huge imaginary world. Give players co-op missions, solo missions and team combat as well as guilds tons of spells and even more weapons and upgrades. Then improve on it about threefold. That could be close. To paraphrase a movie .. If you build it they will come. I think I want to move in there to be honest.

I play 2 characters, Yeebok Shuin who is a necromancer/mesmer combo, and also Cerulean Phoenix who is an elementalist/ranger with a pet wolf she named Fluffy. Not that far through 'coz it's only been 2 weeks. That said, I hope I never finish it.

It's probably very similar to world of warcraft. But there's no online or ongoing fees, and it can apparently be played on a dialup modem. Besides which, after not being so keen on warcraft / starcraft it doesn't grab me. For some reason I've always preferred Command & Conquer. If a similarly souped up version of C&C came out I'd be likely to buy that one, too :)

Do you play Guild Wars ? If not, why not ? There really is no excuse. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

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