July 13, 2005

Another week !

So what has happened this week ? Not a lot .. went and got my other 2 kids on Sunday from the EFB at Raymond Terrace and they're up here for the week now, or at least until Saturday.
So far we've been and seen Madagascar which was pretty cool (loved the penguins and the lemurs :) ), I've given up my PS1 to Brandon (11) as his died, and fixed his 'puter. The other one's being a Phoebe (9) which basically involves being mildly crazy, and obsessed with horses. Even so, all's cool there.

Ashleigh's gotten used to the idea of having them both here but sadly I think she'll miss them when they go back - she's already asking to play with them in the room or wherever :)

Anyway more later I am sure.

Besides that, been doing the usual - GW GW and GW.

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