July 17, 2005

Thank goodness !

It was so good to have the kids up for a week it was not funny. It was hard work, I am certainly not used to keeping 3 people amused plus myself but I think we managed pretty good to be honest. My only gripe could be that they would not settle early on a night but then again they have their own rooms at home so sharing a bed was always likely to cause some conflict.

So what'd we do ? Well played all sorts of crazy things with Phoebe and drew things and watched countless cute DVDs .. but such is the life of a 9 year old girl :) Brandon was happy-as .. there was 2 computers and a playstation whch he got to take home (I have no idea when I last used it..) plus the PCs had all sorts of car games .. mainly NFSU2, V8 Supercars2 and Revolt .. he's bad as me, happiest with a screen in front of him :)

Besides that I've done the usual and played Guild Wars. It's getting really hard, even with a party of 8 my elementalist get outside and we get utterly creamed by the first bunch of undead you meet. My necro is a few missions behind and starting to find it hard now without the outright damage aspect. That said once a few foes fall he comes into his own, since there's some corpses around. Played a little PvP as a monk/elementalist .. that's quite cool tho to be honest the 2nd skill could be anything, all the skills on the bar are monk ones.

Be well, world :)

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