October 17, 2005

Today just sucks

I've hurt my back. No idea how, but it's damned sore. All under my left shoulderblade, along my spine to my neck, and in some weird spot where I just know it don't feel right but I can't describe it, and even if I could reach the bugger I could not show you 'coz you can't see me. Oh well. Anyway that bit's just here .. ouch ... here. See ?

So of course I have had the fun of going to the McPhysio. I shouldn't Mc him, he's a top bloke to be honest, and is always very helpful with lots of advice, you know the kind of Doctor / professional you're happy to go back to. IMPRESSIVELY .. his fees are still the same as they were when I first went there 5 years ago .. got to be happy with that. To top matters off it's his birthday today so he had people dropping in giving him cards cake and well wishes. Gotta love that!

I won't say I feel 100% right (improved, but still quite uncomfy) but I am definitely better than I was last night .. could not even lie flat on my back without a big ouch every time I relaxed .. even with a couple of Nurofen Plus under my belt. Nor my right side, on my stomach or my left .. so needless to say I had a shit night's sleep, and I bet my poor partner did too.

Anyway by the time I managed to ouch my way out of bed this morning the alarm clock had given up on me, I am sure of it. I could still hear it muttering at me under its breath when I got out of the shower. Then I realised I'd switched it to ON not AUTO when I switched the alarm off in the morning haze, so the radio was on at 1% volume or something stupid.

I then went to work and sat in my chair and went ouch a lot. Did work of course but was extremely sore :( Then at 3pm I went to the physio and got fixed up a tad.

If anyone else has shite posture, get a thing called a 'nada chair' or similar. It is basically an adjustable cloth figure eight that has its crossover at the small of your back, and each loop goes over a knee. This essentially forces you to curve your back less injuriously, and also seems to provide a good deal of support. As a matter of fact they're so cool they're getting the ultimate reference from me .. "If there was such a thing as a female one I'd sleep with it." And no, the fact that I took mine home from work today is NOT an indication I found that one was female.

Later tonight it's GW time .. mmmmm ... Guild Wars .. glaaarrrgh .. as Homer would say.


MrBonk said...

Sore back sucks, mmmkay? I'll never learn though.....the other day after I got mine fixed up, it was windy, so of course I had to go for a kite :-) Hauling my arse out of bed the next day was a definite chore!

Yeebok said...

Youch ! That's the thing that sucks about getting older .. if I was just 10 years younger .. I'd be younger. Funny, that.