October 18, 2005

Not quite so sore

Well today my agony seems to have been downgraded to a class 2 and become manageable (2 e's or one ?) enough to be able to gather itself up under my left shoulderblade. Ah the joys. Still, I can stand and sit without an odd sounding grunt or groan so I am at least on the improve ;)

Otherwise today's been pretty good. Crap start to the day but it improved as the morning went on until it was nice and clear (but windy) at lunch.. and now I'm sat here waiting for my SO to get home so I can whack the barbie on. Life's good, eh ? :) Early enough in the year that there's no mossies and late enough to be warm still. mmmm .. warm.

Otherwise today I definitely did my quota of flatulence. Sadly nothing spectacular - actually i take that back. As you do with an almost 2yo you show them toilets and what they're for. It feels kinda odd but it's either that or a lifetime of nappies .. Hmm. :) Anyway I'm demonstrating the second option to little miss 21 months, when this quiet but long squeaker started squeezing itself out. Me, being as immature as I am, had a chuckle. Anyway .. little missy found this most amusing and almost fell over laughing. At least I know she's not scared of the toilet I guess.. she's not supposed to know better .. not sure what MY excuse is. Then again I don't need an excuse, I'm the Daddy. :)

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