October 06, 2005

First up, sorry

I've turned on verification for comments. This means you need to fill in one of those 6 random letter things like when you make an email addy. That way I hope there are less dickheads commenting.

Anyway ! Today was a pertty non event day on the flatulence front. Don't get me wrong there was a good deal of action and the fart cushion (my chair at work) was suitably topped up before I left for the day. There was one moment when I picked something biggish up and I had a small escapee but thankfully nobody noticed. I guess it's not as if I am unknown for it so hmm ..

Now here's a rant.
What shits me :
All these bastards who go online with bots and post comments with farking links in to stupid sites. Dickheads the lot of you. People like you are akin to those people who write frigging viruses and spyware. PISS OFF, will you ? What've I done to deserve your shit ? Post your home phone number next time and I'll pass it on to some telemarketers. Yeebok hath spake. Thou shouldst get fookedeth.

I suppose I gotta test it one day - can you properly swear ? :)

Next time maybe.

Actually no.
Something else that fucking shits me. APOSTROPHES.

What's so fucking hard !?
Mot important - it does NOT go on plurals.
You use it to assign ownership.
You can refer to the bed your cat sleeps in as "the cat's bed" "the book's cover".
Debate exists as to whether you add an S on words that end with it. Personally it looks stupid and it's not the way I was taught but do I give a shit ? Oh, yeah I do, that's why I'm writing. Just say my name was Fritz Gross. You could say "That's Fritz Gross' house" (if I had one :) ) or "Fritz Gross's house" - I reckon the former.
And the only fucking way DVD CD or PC have an apostrophe is if they own something. More than one does not need one. You don't have "2 car's" so why the fuck would you have "six DVD's" ? It's bloody DvDs, get it thru your head !!!!

The ONLY OTHER TIME : Contractions (adding 2 words together and taking some letters out)

CAN NOT - can't
WILL NOT - won't

So get it right or I'll fucking fart on you.


Anonymous said...

Ok digger.

Here is something for you

Yeebok said...

Wish I coulda remembered where I saw that one before 'coz it roxors - I have it stuck on my wall at my workdesk :)

Choldar said...

Bugger. Bugger bugger bugger. 's. *nod* Left an I in instead of an O. Oh.. on the farting front, try garlic imbued onion gravy. I'm still sweating from that one... from 3 days ago... in New Zealand. Im sure the other residents in the hotel thought it was a pre-cursor to a volcanic eruption.