October 25, 2005

This week

Not really a very exciting week. I have tomorrow off so I'm gonna be Mr Dag Around The House Boy. Things could be much worse.

We had a lovely storm this evening - went for ages, lots of rain, lightning and thunder. Very cool.

An impressive fart today in the gents. Sadly I was not seated as such so there was no opportunity for the echo effect. It would have been quite pronounced had I been - this was short sharp and loud, but hey. It was still a good one, even without .. shite music on a great stereo still sounds shite but good music sounds good even on a transistor radio.

Besides that ? Nothing really to report.

Otherwise I'd have reported it .. funny that.

Oh, I got myself a Logitech 350 USB Headset. All I can say is after having it a good few weeks, it's still excellent.

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