January 26, 2006

X3 .. Chapter 2

Anyway so here we are with a captured pirate M4 sat outside a sector gate. It's following me so I head out of the sector, into some pirates so I send it away from me and engage the pirates .. and die ..
So I leave it behind and head through the gate solo to take on the pirates .. and die ..
I try to head to another base in the sector .. and the ship gets destroyed before it gets to land.
And so on.
So I decide to sit back and wait for a while .. credit to the AI here the pirates did not always follow the same pattern even though I was starting from very close to them each reload. After 5 minutes there's no activity so I check the map for the sector to find that I don't have a satellite in that sector so I can't see much unless a ship's in there .. so I go in. expecting the worst.
The pirates are just out of range but spot me and start coming .. so I run the other way and lure them out away from the gate so I can bring my other ship in when they're out of range. This brilliant plan of mine works and I now have the ship close to a gate and safety so I take on the pirates .. mere seconds before I start firing I realise I ain't saved it yet so I do.
Soon as it loads up there's an M3, 2 M4s and an M5 in your face. And I managed to overwrite the wrong save so I couldn't go back one. bleh.

As you can imagine the pirates gave me multiple deathgasms and I got the shits and went to bed.
I'm going to bed now too, but that's 'coz I'm tired.

More / some excitement to follow. Honest.

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