January 24, 2006


Well basically GW is still lots of fun but I'm pretty captvated by X2 which I just finished, and X3 which I just started. If you're old enough to remember Elite or Frontier it's in essence those 2 games with much added to the point where you can build factories and power plants, food farms in addition to having carrier class ships with multiple weapon turrets at your disposal (ooh the power .. do ya feel that baby ?).
The picture is my little beastie copping a missile hit.

One of the more fun but difficult pasttimes is capturing enemy ships which are generally pirates funnily enough. In general terms you shoot the crap out of the ship in such a way as you scare the pilot into bailing before it's destroyed.. and you shoot them then hop into your spacesuit and board and [automagically] take over their ship.

Anyway normally there's some ships you just can't take out without some dramas .. eg those that have a rear (or any) turret for instance .. they kinda suck, and are usually the death of me. Luckily today in a recently captured ship (with lotsa guns on the front) I took on a ship like that and made the pirate bail.

Even tho it was only a single energy bank, and he had decent shield it's still pretty damaged and crawling back to the shipyard to see whether it's worth fixing or selling :)

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