January 29, 2006

X3 .. Chapter 4 .. More biffo

For some reason I decide to head out and kick some butt. This time after taking out about 15 pirates in groups of 3-4, I managed to capture 2 healthy M3s and an M4. These I just sent to the space station without any dramas.

*Dramatisation : Me capturing a falcon
I then decided to do a story mission at the Goner temple. All well and good I talk to the guy he tells me where he wants to go .. but not what sector it's in. Lovely.. got some exploring to do.

I strip all the useful stuff off the 3 recently captured ships and sell them. Suddenly I have over a million credits. Now I definitely feel like a capitalist pirate pig. (re the post below I don't think that'll help global warming). I purchase myself a nice big TS class freighter with a healthy 5800T capacity, upgradable to 7500. I even have enough money to fill it and while I'm exploring the Paranid sectors way to the south, it's in the upper part of the Argon areas trading away happily under my direction with the M5 flying as a rather pathetic escort .. but if you only carry energy cells you're less likely to get robbed .. they're cheap !

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