January 28, 2006

X3 .. Chapter 3 .. 'Biffo at the OK Space Station'

Anyway as I was saying I went to bed with the shits but woke up pretty cheerful. That's got nothing to do with it though, so on with the story :)

Previous experience as I may or may not have mentioned showed me that I had to take a Nova out very fast otherwise I was in the shit. So my first move in most cases was to lay into that with as much as I had available before taking on the others. So after several attempts at leading them away I decided to leave the pussyfooting around and try to stick it to them.

* The Nova and exploding pilot
It seemed a little easier than I had expected and I cleaned them all up on the first attempt at it, I was quite impressed, so I put the other ship back on follow planning to escort it once it caught up with me. Whilst it was coming into the sector I checked the map for any nice cargo that had been dropped and something caught my eye in the ships .. there was an unowned Nova with hulls at 40%. So while I was waiting for the M4 I went and shot the pilot who had bailed then drifted up close to the disowned Nova and hopped into my trusty space suit, claimed it and jumped back into the Buster. Suddenly all that crap and hassle seemed worthwhile !

Anyway I set the Nova off to land at the spaceyard too. Much to my disgust the cheap bastard flying it had spent nothing on upgrading it .. so with the damage I had inflicted its max speed was 22 as compared to my 175 :)

During its journey I managed to capture another M5, so I had one of each class again heading to the shipyard.

* Some whinger in a Falcon. If he doesn't want to get shot he shouldn't be in front of me. I mean .. really..
2 gaming sessions later the Nova got there. It, like the other ships I'd captured were too damaged to be salvaged by someone with a paltry bank balance like mine. After paying for all of it, including selling the ships I'd caught, I had just over 40K .. a far cry from what I'd had when I set out.

Needless to say when all seems lost .. try the same thing over again :)

Using my 3 ships, and having a good deal of fun confusing the shit out of myself with the menus, I had all 3 ships trotting off to get supplies for the distillery, so it could get some goodies made and have some stock, which took it a while.

Waiting for it, I decided to do a little work on the side and started doing a few missions on the bulletin boards of the stations I land at - these are pretty random and include news and items of interest, as well as jobs. The higher your standing with whatever race owns the station and a few other factors also influence what goes in there. I chose a simple 'fly someone here' mission twice then a delivery mission and by this time there was some space fuel to sell so this distracted me for a while.

So you know what comes next don't you .. since I'm repeating myself and all :)

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